Glassworks Design specialises in creating glass accessories which are both functional and decorative. Each piece is unique and is individually designed and hand crafted by, founder, Jennie Barton

Jennie focuses on contemporary fused glass designs, building on an initial training in more traditional stained glass techniques. Glass as a medium allows exploration both in the effect of light through translucent colours, and bold contrast using opalescent and textured materials.

Glassworks Design uses only the highest quality COE90 fusing glass and dichroic materials for kiln firing. Opalescent and iridescent fused glass enables the creation of striking designs in rich colours. More subtle shades can also be developed by overlapping translucent fusing glasses.

Taking full advantage of these properties Jennie has developed a range of kiln fired, fused glass products through individual research and experimentation.

Her gorgeous product range extends from fused glass bowls and platters, to coasters, clocks, jewellery, decorated boxes and gifts.